Visiting Fursys!!!!
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Hello . I write this third time. I don;t know. suddenly, the error is appeared.<BR><BR>So I just upload several image without my comment. hmm. unfair!!<BR><BR>re_img_0054.jpg<BR><BR>This is inside of the building. The building is so modern style. The red big tower is so great.<BR><BR>re_img_0055.jpg<BR><BR>we are tourist. haha<BR><BR>re_img_0056.jpg<BR><BR>Haha.<BR><BR>re_img_0058.jpg<BR><BR>This red structure show history of FURSYS.<BR><BR>re_img_0063.jpg<BR><BR>He is head manager. he lead ours.<BR><BR>re_img_0068.jpg<BR><BR>designer's office.<BR><BR>re_img_0070.jpg<BR><BR>Resitng space.<BR><BR>re_img_0073.jpg<BR><BR>Me!!! haha. short leg. but nice smile. isn;t it?<BR><BR>re_img_0074.jpg<BR><BR>Dean. Our leader of the head of the head.<BR><BR>re_img_0079.jpg<BR><BR>Elevator. black.<BR><BR>re_img_0080.jpg<BR><BR>FURSYS has very nice schola.<BR><BR>re_img_0081.jpg<BR>Jun kim. Product deisign's leader.<BR>re_img_0083.jpg<BR><BR>The way to the conferance room.<BR><BR>re_img_0087.jpg<BR><BR>She is our senior. She works for FURSYS. She was so kind to ours. I impressed. Thanks you. ^^+<BR><BR>Right side is Eunkyung shin.<BR><BR>re_img_0089.jpg<BR><BR>re_img_0090.jpg<BR><BR>re_img_0092.jpg<BR><BR><BR>re_img_0094.jpg<BR><BR>The handle has some story. haha. You can't sleep there!!<BR><BR>re_img_0095.jpgre_img_0096.jpgre_img_0101.jpgre_img_0103.jpgre_img_0105.jpgre_img_0107.jpg<BR><BR>Dean.<BR><BR>re_img_0109.jpg<BR><BR>FURSYS use high qualty material. the green belt is important to make flexible chair. They use expensive materail than other company.<BR><BR>anyway.<BR><BR>Thanks to Dean, and Hongseung Do professor. also Thanks to Ga hye,Baeck. This time was good time to expand our sight.

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