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Reddot 디자인 어워드 같은 디자인 같은 컨셉
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This is japan's compan product.

NOA Enterprise co.,

Domestic Aid

this is reddot concept design. it is not me. the other person.
why they did mistake?

the design is already exist.

Universal Plug

red dot
red dot award: design concept 2008

Kim Seung Woo

With its circular cut-out, the Universal Plug
allows everyone to pull out plugs easily,
regardless of the strength of their hands. It
may also encourage people to develop a good
attitude towards conserving energy.

The Universal Plug’s circular cut-out has two
great benefits. Firstly, it makes pulling the plug
out of a socket a lot easier. This is particularly
useful for people who lack strength in their
hands, whether through injury, illness or aging.
The user simply needs to hook their finger into
the cut-out and pull. The plug can be pulled
out with a minimum of effort.

Secondly, it may encourage people to develop
a good attitude towards saving energy. Pulling
out the plug will cut off the supply of electricity
for appliances’ stand-by modes when they are not being used. While most people want to save energy by turning off lights, they still leave plugs in their sockets, not giving a second thought to the power wastage of standby mode. The Universal Plug has a built-
in reminder, after the light is switched off and
the room gets dark, the cut-out hole becomes
more prominent thanks to a glowing inner

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