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a desktop environment designed by designers for designers

The basic layout of solidThinking's user interface can be customized with great flexibility, so that you can easily find the ideal configuration for your project.

Icons are self-explanatory. The interface prompts you throughout the creation process. A wizard helps you choose the ideal modeling units and tolerances based on the size of the model.

Full OpenGL support lets you work interactively as you design models, assign materials, and position lights to get superior results more quickly than ever.

Advanced grids, snaps, construction planes, layers and an informative scene browser provide access to all of the technical and organizational tools needed for complex and precise modeling. The numerous snap options provide invaluable construction aids, while the three-axis, interactive snapping in the 3D views makes designing in perspective a reality.

All of your tools and working environments are at your fingertips, and every action provides instant input and feedback loops for an accurate and liberating design process.


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